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PMDG 737 Plane Updates - Version #3.0.72
Schedules Update - Last Updated: 7th September 2023
X2 Hours and Pay - Oakland (OAK) -> Las Vegas (LAS)
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Landing Rate Leaderboards (Top 10)

Pilot Aircraft Arrival Airport Landing Rate Date Posted
SWA0022 - Andy IveyBoeing 737-700KDAL-209/24/2023
SWA0051 - Greyson ShaefferBoeing 737-700KATL-909/07/2023
SWA0018 - Daniel RaboltBoeing 737-700KSNA-1207/17/2023
SWA0042 - Jordan NicholsBoeing 737-700KDAL-1509/16/2023
SWA0027 - Josh FieldsBoeing 737-800KCMH-1809/24/2023
SWA0001 - Mike KissBoeing 737-800KBNA-2107/04/2023
SWA0002 - Alexander KulakBoeing 737-800KLAS-2809/11/2023
SWA0012 - Bradley WintBoeing 737-800KLAS-3406/18/2023
SWA0027 - Josh FieldsBoeing 737-800KCMH-3508/20/2023
SWA0014 - Keith A MorrisBoeing 737-700KAUS-3608/12/2023

vSWA Stats

Total Pilots: 65

Total Flights Flown: 498

Total Hours Flown: 821:12:00

Fuel Burned (lbs.): 4608640.5

Miles Flown: 304777

Total Flights Today: 4

Total Schedules: 15328

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